Argo Travel Team Bonding Trip to Istanbul

Argo Travel’s Marine and Accounting Departments visited Istanbul between November 15 and November 17 and had a unique opportunity to explore monumental landmarks of Greek history and world heritage including Aghia Sophia and the Ecumenical Patriarchate.


A total of 29 Argonauts, some for the first time, spent three amazing days exploring arguably the greatest metropolis the world has seen. The undeniable pinnacle of Greek history and heritage for an entire millennium, Istanbul, was a treat for the eyes and the heart as our Argonauts delved into its long history, cultural treasures and rich gastronomy.

Attendance of the Sunday liturgy at the Ecumenical Patriarchate and listening to the Patriarch Bartholomeu preach were the definite highlights of the visit.


It goes without saying that this team bonding trip included a plethora of diverse activities which gave the opportunity to the attending Argonauts to celebrate a hugely successful year, to blow some work steam off, and to prepare for yet another promising year.






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