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Our insightful experience for you:

You will be driven from Athens to Nafplio via the scenic coastal route. Your first stop will be at the Corinth Canal that connects the Aegean Sea with the Ionian Sea.

From Nafplio you will be able to visit the ancient palace at Mycenae from where King Agamemnon campaigned against Troy.
You will also be able to visit the single most important ancient Greek Theater at Epidaurus and watch an authentic Ancient Greek play in the company of hundreds of Greeks gathered from all over the country. (subtitled in English; weekend shows only)
Nafplio itself, being the first capital of the modern Greek state, has many beautiful sites to offer as well as picturesque paved streets full of cozy restaurants, cafes and ice scream shops. It goes without saying that you will get the chance to dive in the beautiful blue waters of the Argolic Gulf.

Next stop is the breathtaking byzantine castle of Monemvasia. Words cannot describe the energy and beauty of this cosseted castle on a rock in the sea.
Monemvasia is ideal for a romantic stroll and dinner.
The areas around Monemvasia offer some of the most amazing beaches in Greece.

No visit to the Peloponnese would be complete without a stop at Mani.
Mani is one of the two areas in Greece to have remained free and unoccupied and home to the proudest community of Greece.
Famous for its architecture it’s a favorite choice amongst culturally desirous travelers.
Mani is not only famous for its extreme landscape but also for its local delicacies.
Don’t miss to visit Deros caves, the biggest caves in the Balkan area, and take a 30 min boat ride in them.

Last night should be spend at Ancient Olympia, the site of the ancient Olympic games for a truly Greek experience. It will definitely help you put modern Olympic games into perspective.

Next day return to Athens.






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