The Argo Travel Group has been operating in the Travel Industry for over 67 years. The Company was founded in Athens in 1952 by innovators in the growing sector of marine & crew transportation and corporate travel. The management team, comprised of three generations from 25 to 90 years of age, provide Argo with the competitive advantage of experience combined with creativity.   

Initially an agency specializing in marine & crew transportation, Argo has grown into one of the leading agencies in the IATA ticketing sector. In 1953, just one year after its foundation, our Company was one of the very first travel agencies in Greece to be approved and accredited/certified by IATA.

With an annual turnover of almost 100 million euros, Argo is a coordinated Travel Group and is active in several fields of the travel industry. The Group is specialized as a DMC (Destination Management Company), supporting travel services in the whole of Greece with a large range of both B2C and B2B products.

Today Argo has privately-owned offices in Athens, and branches in Thessaloniki and Santorini island (Greece). Our network extends to Geneva (Switzerland), London (UK) and Shanghai (China), with fully affiliated companies.  

Since its establishment, Argo has become member of all major Hellenic and several internationally esteemed travel organizations and institutions including:  

  • International Air Transport Association (IATA), 
  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA),
  • Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO),
  • Hellenic Association of Tourist and Travel Agencies (HATTA),
  • International Marine Travel Group (IMTG),
  • Greek Union of Air Travel Agencies (PETAGA),
  • Thai Travel Agents Association (TTAA),
  • Vietnam Society of Travel Agents (VISTA)


1952 Argo Travel was founded in Athens, initially as an agency specializing in marine & crew transportation.

1953 Argo was approved and accredited/certified by IATA.

1958 Argo expanded its operations in Greece and became a Destination Management Company.

1974 Argo Travel was appointed GSA of Thai Airways International for the Greek market, for a period of just under 16 years.

1977 Argo established its first official branch office at the Port of Piraeus in Athens, aiming to serve Maritime Companies even more efficiently.

1978 Argo expanded its domestic network by establishing a branch in Thessaloniki.

1979 The first Argo overseas office was established in London, under the name “ Argo Tours (London) Ltd.”

1989 Argo Travel further expanded its network by establishing an office in Geneva.

1995 Argo Travel Thessaloniki was appointed GSA of Cronus Airlines, a carrier that was fully acquired by Aegean Airlines in 2000.

2000 Argo Travel Geneva office was appointed PSA of most major Hellenic ferry companies, including Minoan Lines, Superfast and ANEK.

2001 Argo Travel Group was awarded the Certification of Quality Assurance EN ISO 9001:2000 by BVQI.

2010 Argo launched a unique online booking platform, and as a wholesaler offered more than 3,000 direct hotel contracts to the market.

2011 A new division was formed, called “Argo Platinum”, to provide VIP and luxury travel services.

2012 Argo Travel established a fully affiliated representative office in Shanghai, China.

2012 Argo was appointed the exclusive GSSA of Variety Cruises for China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. 

2012 ATS, a new subsidiary company of Argo Travel, was established in order to provide a wide range of B2B and B2C integrated booking platforms and e-marketing solutions.

2013 Argo Travel sales office opens in Bangkok in order to organize and promote incoming tourism from Thailand, and rest APAC countries to Greece.

2015 Argo Travel  Group penetrates  the Nordic markets while establishing a local sales office in Stockholm.

2015 The latest Argo Travel  branch office opens in Fira, Santorini Island. The official inauguration ceremony of Argo Travel Santorini was held on the 26th April.

2015 Argo Travel Group becomes the exclusive partner of International Marine Travel Group under the name IMTG GREECE.

2015 Argo Travel Group Ltd. is established in Hong Kong in order to control all China and rest APAC territory travel operations.

2016 Argo Travel Group upgrades its status in China to a WOFE travel agency, based in Shanghai.

2019 Argo Travel Group moves its Swiss operations from Geneva to Nyon.

2020 Argo Travel Group enters a new strategic partnership with Global Marine Travel (GMT) combining industry leading expertise in Marine Travel and a more robust global network under a new brand, Argo Marine Travel.





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