An island ideal for peaceful vacation, with beautiful landscape and local people who offer inner peace. The inhabitants of the island say that it was the place itself and not the witch Kalypso, which enchanted Ulysses, making him deviate from his route on his return to Ithaca.

Lipsi island is situated in the north part of Dodecanese and is the largest island among a complex of smaller islands and islets, which are of great environmental interest (they are part of the Natura network). The island is located between Patmos and Leros and was initially inhabited during prehistoric age. The modern settlement was founded in 1669 by a Cretan called Ilias. The island of Lipsi was officially united with Greece in 1948. It extends over a surface of 16 km2; its coastline is 35 km and counts 700 inhabitants. It can be reached by ferry from Leros and Patmos’ ports respectively.


Sights worth visiting

The majestic church of Aghios Ioannis, Theologos, situated next to the square of Town Hall and the Museum; in the church there is the icon of Panaghia the Mavri (Black Madonna) dating from 1500.
The Ecclesiastical-Folklore Museum, including some ecclesiastic relics and a small archaeological collection.
Panaghia of Haros, located just 1.5 km away from Lipsi town. This is the only icon in Greece, where the Virgin Mary is depicted holding in her arms the Crucified Jesus, instead of the Infant Jesus. The monastery as well as the icon dates from 1600.

The surrounding islands:

Around Lipsi there are several small islands and rock-islets. The most distinguishing ones are: Makronisi and Frago SW, Refoulia NW, Aspronisia E and Kalapodia SE.

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